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Welcome Back to In Person Worship

Church friends,


For the past several weeks, we’ve invited you to join in-person worship at First Presbyterian through making a reservation as we’ve put in place a variety of measures to help ensure the safety of everyone attending worship.


Moving forward, as Multnomah County moves to lower risk status and more are vaccinated,

we are ready to make further changes that will allow us to begin to return to church in greater numbers.


Beginning this Sunday, June 13th, you will see the following changes to Sunday morning services:


  • Reservations will no longer be requiredto attend in-person worship. We will ask you to sign in as you arrive, but there is no reservation needed!


  • We will add additional spaces where you can sit socially distanced. We will continue to have everyone mask to help protect our more vulnerable members (including the children who are not yet able to be vaccinated).


  • Services will continue to be livestreamedvia our website.


  • Congregational singing and saying of prayers is encouraged.


Church groups can begin to meet, scheduling through the church office.

It is marvelous to see these signs of life and hope as we begin to rebuild our life together as church.  It has been wonderful to greet friends old and new as we have begun to gather.

In the coming months, we’ll have the chance to extend our fellowship and hospitality, greeting those whom we know and beginning to learn the names and stories of those who are new to our church (you’re encouraged to wear a nametag!)

While this past year has held such heaviness for so many, it is a joy to now begin to look forward in hope.  May we welcome one another with grace and kindness, as we begin to gather together again!

Register by following these links:

In Person Worship, Sunday, June 6th

In Person Worship, Sunday, June 13th

In Person Worship, Sunday, June 20th

In Person Worship, Sunday June 27th


Please note: an Eventbrite account isn’t required to register, feel free to uncheck the “keep me notified” Eventbrite boxes on the registration form, you will still be able to register and your registration will be added to a list at the church’s check-in station, so printing your ticket in advance isn’t required.

Pre-Check-In Screening Instructions at First Presbyterian Church

  • Please arrive wearing a face mask. All attendees are required to wear face masks in the church throughout the worship service. This includes homemade cloth masks or other personally sourced masks. Attendees who arrive with an unapproved mask will be given a mask. Gaiter masks, bandannas, and other porous fabric masks should not be used. Masks with a valve does not provide protection, and attendees wearing one must replace it with a mask that does not have a valve.
  • Please arrive at the church no more than 30 minutes prior to the worship service.
  • Please use the Alder St. drop-off area for your passengers. For the driver, parking is available in our underground lot, but we are trying to minimize the foot traffic there.
  • Upon arrival, you will be offered hand sanitizer and a face mask, if not wearing one.
  • Social distancing of 6 ft must be maintained in the church.
  • These rules apply regardless of whether you have been fully vaccinated.

What to Expect at in-Person Worship

Worship in person will be joyful, and a bit different, to help ensure the safety of the congregation.

  • You will be greeted at the door to the sanctuary and given a worship bulletin.  You will be asked to sign in at a desk in the entry/narthex and asked if you have had any symptoms.

Masks are still required in the service to keep congregants safe and to minimize the possibility of break-through infections even in those who are vaccinated.

Singing and saying prayers (while masked) at a moderate volume is allowed.

Seats in worship will not be assigned; spaces are taped off to provide distancing.

After worship, people are invited to gather on the plaza outside to greet one another.  Those who are vaccinated would use their discretion as to whether to remain masked while outside.  Initially, there will not be refreshments, though this may change in later weeks.

The parking garage will be open for the service and closes at 2 pm on Sundays.

The garage elevator will be open for use without a pass card.

The upper windows will be left open for ventilation.

We look forward to having you in worship and will be continuing to stream the services for those who wish to worship from home.

Join Us for Streaming Sunday Services

Every Sunday at 10:30 am

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