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Manna in the Wilderness

Pastor’s Note for August 1st

Manna in the Wilderness
“Manna in the Wilderness” Image from Anton Koberger’s German Bible – 1483

The Table of Our Lord

We once again gather at the Table on Sunday, some actually in the sanctuary, but many more of you still participating from your homes. We rehearse the stories told and retold many times. We tell stories of manna in the wilderness and stories of meals shared by the familiar people of Israel’s centuries-long story of trust in the Holy One. We tell stories of Jesus’ meals with new acquaintances or old friends or disciples who called him Teacher. We tell stories of the meals of the new fellowships of the churches in Corinth and Ephesus and Philippi. We tell stories of the meals shared by Christians in congregations and church orders across time.

All these stories are stories about how the Creator and Redeemer has chosen to enjoy fellowship with us and to encourage us to enjoy fellowship with one another. The pandemic has challenged our commitment to one another in some ways. It can be easy to continue the, for many of us, new habit of virtual participation in the life of the church, just as many have found that remote work is pleasant. I’m glad that streamed services have been available to all of us, and that Zoom meetings have facilitated our ministry during this time. But there is something about breaking bread together. One way or the other, I invite you to be at the Table, and ask you to think of one another with affection.

Grace and peace, Zane K. Buxton

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