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Elijah and the Angel by Bernardino Luini

Pastor’s Note for August 8th

Elijah and the Angel by Bernardino Luini
Elijah and the Angel by Bernardino Luini

“These are the times that try our souls;” words that were penned more than two hundred years ago by Thomas Paine, and that seem all too resonant in the days through which we are living.

With the pandemic still tenaciously refusing to relinquish its grip, and our living through a summer with fires and aberrations in the weather that seem far from usual, we find ourselves in a season that tries our souls.

Our reading for Sunday is part of the story of Elijah, at a time in his journey that found him worn down by life, dejected and bordering depression, edging toward what we would now see as burnout.  How God offered him sustenance to sustain his soul, and how we can stay sustained in such times is the theme of our service this Sunday.

I hope you will join us, either in person, or through our streaming, in worship this week, as we find, through music, prayer and Word, the sustenance that can see us through.

Wishing you strength in whatever these days are holding for you,


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