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Pastor’s Note for January 2

“The Word Became Flesh,” David War

The introduction to the gospel of John is both a poetic and theologically rich text. It calls forth images of a time before the world was created. I always imagined it to be a rich darkness with a soupy swirl of light in the center. The center of what, I am not sure. I imagine it to look like the pictures that satellites are shooting back from deep space of wonderful things. Things like bursting stars and new galaxies; but that in this light rests God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The text goes on to talk about John’s role of not being part of the light but to testify to the light. I can’t help think what an enormous task that must have been. Let us not forget that this is not just John’s task but it is something that all who follow Christ are called to. We are part of testifying to the light and shining in the dark places of the world. Let us not forget the wisdom of childhood: “This little light of mine, I am going to let it shine… let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

~Pastor Brenna

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