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Pastor’s Note for November 14

mosaic of Christ Pantocrator, Ravenna, c 504

Dear friends in faith,

As this fall continues to unfold with all the beauty of the turning leaves, with brilliant sunshine at times eclipsed by rain, we continue to live into this season that holds glimmers of the pandemic beginning to lift, while still not yielding to a return to the more usual patterns of life that we miss.

With some in our congregation having returned to worship in person, but many not yet able to attend, we are again planning this year for our Annual Meeting this coming Sunday, November 14, to be by Zoom. 

In this video-conferencing format, we will meet together online to hear an update on the church’s life and work, and to vote on the usual items for an annual meeting:  to elect Deacons, Elders, Trustees, and members of the CNC (Congregational Nominating Committee), and to vote on the installed pastors’ terms of call.

You’ll find a link to the annual meeting, a docket, and a paper giving background for voting by Zoom here on the FPC website.

As we look to the coming year in our lives and the church’s life, Australian writer Dorothy McRae-McMahon gives a hopeful vision for the days ahead:

We believe that what we see before us is never all that is possible,
that beyond our present is a future which could be new
with more than enough for all,
and compassion greater than our own.

We believe in a God
who comes to the fearful people
across waters which threaten to overwhelm
and whose company is love
beyond our understanding.

We believe in a greater power for good
than anything within each of us and all of us,
which stands between us
and at the center of the universe
in ways of mystery and grace.

May this mystery and grace embrace you in these days….  I look forward to seeing you for worship, whether in person or online, and hope as well to see you by Zoom for our Annual Meeting this Sunday!

Grace & peace to you,


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