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Pastor’s Note for October 24

Christ and Bartimaeus – Julia Stankova 2017

How do we keep our spirits up in this continuing season when we all wish so much that things were back to some semblance of normalcy, even as the darker days of the fall rains are upon us?  This week, there was some of the first good news we’ve had in a while, that OHSU is predicting that between people who have had the virus and the continuing vaccinations, Oregon should reach a level of about 85% of people having antibodies to the virus by late December.  This is a level that they say will bring some of the gifts of near herd immunity, making it harder for the virus to spread, and lowering numbers of infections and hospitalizations.

What a relief and joy this would be, after such a long season!

In our Scripture reading for Sunday, we have the story of a man who was unable to see, for whom the world was darkened.  When he cried out to Jesus, who was walking by, Jesus called to him, and the people around him told the man, “take heart, arise, he is calling you.”  Even so, we are beckoned to take heart and to arise, as the hope of brighter days and the presence of our Lord lend strength and comfort for this season.

I hope to see you either online or in-person as we gather for worship!


Wishing you light through all these days are holding,


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