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Pastor’s Note for September 19

Hope of the World, Harold Copping

This week, Olympic gold-winning Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt has been in the news as he is going for gold again, this time for a newly-released album of his reggae music.  He is celebrated for being the fastest human being in history for setting the world record for the 100m dash, running it in 9.58 seconds, a record that has stood unchallenged for 12 years.  Sports commentators say he is the greatest runner we’ve ever known; some have noted that his last name seems to have foreshadowed his path in life!

The world gives acclaim to those it deems the greatest, the writers who are given the Booker or the Pulitzer, the chefs whose restaurants win a rare three Michelin stars, the iconic musicians who have huge followings.  But in our Scripture for this Sunday, Jesus talks with the disciples about what real greatness entails.  They had been walking along the road arguing about which of them was the greatest, and they fall silent when he asks what they were talking about.  He turns the world’s measure of greatness upside down, saying, “whoever would be great among you must be last of all and servant of all.”

I hope you can join us for worship, in person, or by streaming, as together we explore the servant path to which Christ calls us, a path of serving others that is the way to what God deems truly great, truly worthy of our lives and energies.

Wishing you peace through all these days are holding,


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