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Pastor’s Note for September 5th

“The Good Samaritan”, Heinrich Nauen, 1941 [Yale University Art Gallery]
The golden light of September has arrived and there are signs of autumn emerging all around us: the mornings are growing cooler, rich blue skies are giving way to a setting sun earlier and earlier each day, and heavy-laden apple and plum trees remind us that summer is coming to a close.  My friend Lindy Vogado says, “There is something terribly optimistic about the smell of early fall.”  My hope is that despite the challenges you are facing, there are threads of optimism running through the tapestry of your lives.

The world is not an easy place and life is full of challenge.  We are mindful that suffering exists across the globe and as Christians we feel an urgent pull to bear one another’s burdens, to offer healing and wholeness where we are able, and to experience the goodness of God despite the brokenness all around.  How are we to do this? This Sunday in worship we will be turning our attention to some difficult teaching from the book of James, and yet, in his teaching, we will find a word of hope that inspires us to see the world, our circumstances, and the people around us with the lens of Almighty God.  Seeing with the perspective of God brings orientation, healing, and joy like no other.

Peace be with you all.  See you Sunday – in person or online!


Pastor Carmen

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