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The Rainbow

Pastor’s Note for Sunday, July 11th

The Rainbow
“The Rainbow” J.M.W. Turner, 1835

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, there is a sense that things won’t go back to the way they were, as so much has changed.  Some of the changes may be good to retain, while others will be happily cast off as we embrace a wider life again.  As the direction ahead is still taking shape and as yet a bit hazy, the Scripture reading for this Sunday offers a path through ways as yet unknown.

The reading is from Ephesians 1:3-14, and gives a sense of the mystery of God’s purposes and will, the direction God has for our lives and for all of life.  The writer Coleridge called Ephesians “the divinest of human compositions,” and Scottish commentator William Barclay called it “the queen of the Epistles,” as it encapsulates our hope in Christ, and gives a sense of our place in the unfolding plan and purpose of God.

Ephesians assures us that all in good time, God will gather together things that are divided for now, things in heaven and on earth.  It’s a passage that edges on the mystical, how our lives are caught up in the will and ways of God.  I commend it to your reading and reflection, and hope to see you in worship, in person or online!

— Audrey









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