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Robert S. Duncanson, Owl's Head Mountain, 1864

Pastor’s Note for Sunday, July 18th

Dear church friends,

Robert S. Duncanson, Owl's Head Mountain, 1864
Robert S. Duncanson, Owl’s Head Mountain, 1864

“Come away to a deserted place by yourselves, and rest awhile.”  These are Jesus’ words to the disciples, encouraging them to take up the pattern that he practiced, with involvement with people in the wider world interspersed with time to withdraw and rest, for prayer and renewal.  Being incarnate in the world as one of us, he knew what it is to be weary at times, to give of ourselves in certain seasons until there is a need to pull back and recharge.

Summer may bring a chance to come away to one of the quiet places in nature, whether watching the birds on the patio, on a walk around the neighborhood, or in travels to the mountains or coast, where we can set down the usual pattern of our days, lay aside our screens, and rest awhile.

With an easing of the pandemic and some return to activities and visits, in all that these days are holding, I hope that you are finding worship at church–whether in the sanctuary or with us online from home–as part of what enables you to carve out time to reflect and stay renewed.

In the week ahead, may you hear Christ’s compassionate invitation, to “come away to a deserted place…and rest a while.”

Wishing you grace and peace,








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