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Pastors Note for Sunday, May 27th

Rev, Spencer Parks

As I look out my window, I see a riot of color and new growth.  This is especially welcome coming out of the dreary gray winter that is so prevalent in Oregon.  After what seems like an interminable number of days of overcast skies, misty rain, and general dampness, we finally get to feel the sun on our faces and see everything spring forth in multiple shades of green.  It is in times such as these that I am reminded of how expansive God’s work in the world is and how lavish God is with the gifts that are bestowed upon us.

This coming Sunday, Trinity Sunday, marks the first Sunday in the season after Pentecost.  This is the longest season in our liturgical year and is represented by the color green in the chancel’s vestments. (The notable exception for this is on Trinity Sunday, the first Sunday in the season after Pentecost, and Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday in the season after Pentecost where the liturgical color is white.) For most of the Christian year we see green in our sanctuary, reminding us of how the gift of the Holy Spirit enables us to grow and flourish in our lives as disciples of Christ. It is a symbol of the creative and recreative power of God in the world.

I think this is especially meaningful for us as we begin to crawl out of the dreariness of the pandemic.  After almost a year and a half, we can begin to feel the warmth of personal contact and experience the synergistic energy as we gather together.  This too is a reminder of the lavish gifts of God and the pervasiveness of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our world.  As we begin to gather together once again, let us give thanks for the creative and recreative power of God.  May we never take this particular gift from God for granted.

Grace and Peace….






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