Session Elders

Class of 2024

Top Row:

Amy Wood

Natasha Brown

Estelle Brunner

Bottom Row:

Peter Vanden Bosch

Sarah Schwab

Vince Carpenter


Class of 2025

Top Row:

Amy Hall

Alice Estes

David Hawkins

Bottom Row:

Cathy Change-Lowe

Paul Dailey

Class of 2026

Top Row:

Amy Meabe

Chris Rasmussen

Doug Blomgren

Bottom Row:

Jerry Johnson

Steve Snodderly

Our Session Elders are elected members of the church, elected by the congregation, who make decisions for the running of the local church and serve as spiritual leaders. The session has the responsibility and power to make decisions about the church’s spiritual, worship, sacramental, missional, fellowship, and overall health and direction. All in all, they are the group of people who work with the staff to make sure that the wants and needs of the congregation and staff are being met and that the direction that the staff is taking the church is in line with the direction that is healthiest for First Presbyterian Church.

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