Visual Arts

Visual Arts at First Presbyterian Church

Our Visual Arts Committee maintains a full calendar of curated art installations from local and regional artists across the Pacific Northwest. The installations are located in the church’s Chapel Gallery. Visitor hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 10:00 am-4:00 pm, and Sundays from 10:30 am-1:00 pm.

April 2 – May 28, 2023

Beautiful Words

Artist: Portland Society for Calligraphy Exhibit

This exhibit will feature calligraphy that explores the beauty of writing and design, and empowers calligraphers to write words that are personally meaningful.

by Larry Whitson
by JoAnn Peri-Mueller
by Carol Dubosch
By Paula McNamee
By Sue Greenseth

The artists, all members of the Portland Society for Calligraphy, are celebrating their reconnection with each other through this exhibition.

June 4- July 30

Layers of Connection

Jordan Kim

“Friend Walks” by Jordan Kim

Having grown up among artists and playing in the creeks and woods around her home, Jordan Kim has always had a deep love for both art and the outdoors. Jordan makes paper collages with a twist. People describe her work as “painting with paper”. In her own words about her process, “I almost always start with a spark of an idea – often inspired by nature or a particular project. I look for reference images online or take photos myself that I study. Then I start sketching digitally to solidify my ideas for the subject matter and the rough compositional layout.

I often do an underpainting on the printed sketch with acrylic paint to get an idea of the colors and values I want to use. While that dries, I look through my vast collection of re-purposed papers… I select papers and textures that align with the subject matter. I often look for text or stories that I can use with a related topic. Then I dive into doing a traditional paper collage over the underpainting.

Next, I scan my collaged components into my computer and use Photoshop to digitally assemble the composition. I have an equally vast digital library of papers and textures that I have created. So, I often draw from those items to add background layers, words, and textures. I can also clean up my collages and adjust values where needed. The final piece is largely a traditional collage with added digital components”

7×7 Presents: The Muralist, In Her Own Words

Portland Artist Emma Berger talks about painting George Floyd’s Portrait on the Apple Store during the Black Lives Matter protests in June 2020.

7×7 Presents: Earth Day

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