Visual Arts

Visual Arts at First Presbyterian Church

Our Visual Arts Committee maintains a full calendar of curated art installations from local and regional artists across the Pacific Northwest. Installations are located in the church’s Chapel Gallery. Visitor hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 9-4 pm, and Sundays from 9-1 pm.


November 2021 – January 2022

“Bloom” Beth Yazhari, 2021

Seeking Illumination

Artist: Beth Yazhari

Beth Yazhari’s canvases sparkle and shine, literally, with beads and baubles reflecting the saturated colors and mesmerizing shapes in her work.  She brings vintage fabric, photographs, paper, and other media together in colorful, intricate patterns on canvas to evoke design motifs from cultures around the world.

For more than 20 years, Beth Yazhari has challenged the distinction of high and low art.  This passion began when she was a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she earned a BA in Fine Arts in 1998. Initially, she concentrated on the ‘high art’ of painting. But a few courses in the fiber department turned her attention to textiles, which are often associated with “women’s work,” the ‘low art’ of an anonymous craftsperson.

Today, her richly textured pieces meld discarded pieces of lace and embroidery, vintage fabric, and decorative items from around the world with modern printmaking to create richly textured paintings. Her work explores themes of spirituality and social justice rising from her Baha’i faith and other religions.

She describes her process as a highly personal and spiritual act: “When I create, I listen to uplifting music, get lost in the meditative process of painting and stitching, think about the contributions of other women who have gone before me, and get absorbed in creating gorgeous fields of color. Making my art is a truly sacred art for me. I feel that creating artwork in a spirit of service to humanity is a form of worship.”

“Chinese Clouds and Butterflies” 2019
“Celestial Vision” 2021




Future Exhibits

Greg Lewis, “A Sacred Space for the Home – An Art Installation” (TBA)

Hilarie Couture (TBA)

Michelle Buffton Retrospective (curated by Joanne Kollman) (TBA)



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