Visual Arts

Visual Arts at First Presbyterian Church

Our Visual Arts Committee maintains a full calendar of curated art installations from local and regional artists across the Pacific Northwest. The installations are located in the church’s Chapel Gallery. Visitor hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, and Sundays from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. Kindly head to the church office entrance on 13th Street for gallery access.


Art & Soul Critique Group:
A Creative Conversation

June 2 – July 28


Exhibit Contact Information:

Rose West

(503) 816-9207


Robin Becic

Robin is a water media artist. Currently, she is exploring water media on Yupo, batik watercolors on rice paper, and monotype printmaking. Robin is a 2023 Finalist in the SPLASH Publication, “The Best of Watercolor,” published July 2023. Robin is a Signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society, member of Watercolor Society of Oregon, Oregon Society of Artists, and exhibits at Robin Becic Gallery.

Through the Wash

18×24 Acrylic





Patrice Cameron

Patrice Cameron is a painter of rivers. She hikes the Pacific Northwest waterways and prefers areas closest to the headwaters, where the waters run fast and are exciting to paint. Patrice has recognition through the Watercolor Society of Oregon, Northwest Watercolor Society, and National Watercolor Society. She is published in the “2020 The Best of Watercolors SPLASH” magazine.

Blue Pond’s Edge


Acrylic on canvas $875




Christine Helton

Christine Helton is represented in various Oregon galleries and has accepted numerous awards from the Watercolor Society of Oregon, Oregon Society of Artists, and Painter’s Showcase. Chris has always been a teacher and a student. She volunteered regularly as a docent at the Portland Art Museum. Christine Helton’s works of landscapes, still lifes, and figures are done with various media, including acrylic, watercolor, oil, collage, and soft pastels. The paintings are representational but painterly, narrative, and reflective.

Life Cycle, Toe Tappin’

16×20 Acrylic $250




Marjorie Johnson

Marjorie loves color and design and some degree of realism and incorporates those into her paintings. She feels joy and becomes completely immersed in her work while painting people, animals, and flowers. Most of her work is done in watercolor or mixed media, with a little collage thrown in at times. She gets ideas from photos she takes and life drawings. Marjorie earned signature memberships in Northwest Watercolor Society and Watercolor Society of Oregon. She participated in many local and national shows, winning First Place in the NWWS 2015 Fall Show and Second Place in the 2021 Rose Festival Show, to name a few.

The Look of Love Watercolor






Kristie Mooney

Kristie is best known for her watercolor batiks. She explains, “When creating a Batik on rice paper, I combine many colors and watch them mingle through the fibers of the paper. Once I achieve the intensity of color I am looking for, the entire paper is covered in wax. Next, I carefully crinkle the wax and rice paper and run dyes through the cracks. Every piece is unique. Kristie is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Northwest Watercolor Society, Watercolor Society of Oregon, and Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. She is also a member of Lake Area Artists of Lake Oswego, and Painters Showcase of Portland. She teaches workshops at the Oregon Society of Artists.

Venice Canals 12×12 acrylic on cradle board





Chris Stubbs

Chris’s life-long passion is portraiture using watercolor, but she is adept at painting a variety of subjects. She is a past president of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, teaches watercolor in her studio, and is a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society of Oregon and the National Watercolor Society. Chris was the liaison between the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. She has juried shows throughout the Northwest.

Touching the Eternal





Rose West

Rose’s choice of painting is not limited by subject matter, however, a recent series is based on abstracted landscapes. She gets just as much joy in painting a simple blossom, still-life, figure, or landscape. Her media choice is eclectic and experimental using watercolor, acrylic, hand-painted papers, pen and ink, and oil & cold wax. She is a member of the Oregon Society of Artists, and Village Gallery of Arts, and was awarded signature status by the Watercolor Society of Oregon.

City/Country Conversation


Mixed Media on Cradled Panel

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