Join With Us

Step 1: Visit us — for worship, social justice, or tourism.

Step 2: Visit us again — for community, fellowship, or education.

Step 3: Join us for more of the above.

Visit Us

Whether you’re new to church or you have some experience, we invite you to visit us — fill your heart with worship, social justice, or simply take in the historical landmark.

Visit Us Again

Once you visit, you might find yourself wanting to visit again. We have built on our legacy by serving alongside our community through fellowship, outreach, and education.

We understand that you may have questions about the Christian faith and — more specifically — the Presbyterian church.  You can choose to present your questions anytime you join us. Any one at the church will be happy to support you. And — if you choose — we have specific times throughout the year where you can join in just to learn more about us.

Join Us – Take the “First Step”

Throughout the year, we offer a “First Steps” class — designed to explore the basics of Christian faith, the beliefs and practices of the Presbyterian church, and the mission and programs of First Presbyterian.

These classes are designed to meet you exactly where you are, giving you information and takeaways that you can then utilize to decide or confirm your commitment with our community.

Partnership in Practice

Whether you visit once, or more, we look forward to welcoming, accepting, and honoring you as part of our church and community.

Join Us for Streaming Sunday Services

Every Sunday at 10:30 am

First Presbyterian Church
1200 SW Alder Street
Portland, Oregon 97205

Tel: (503) 228-7331